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Welcome to the news page - here you can find all the most recent developments with VHC.

Vital Healthcare's new website has launched!

3rd September 2016

Thank you all for your patience - this has been a long time coming. After feedback from our Tenants, staff and colleagues from the council and all over we have finally launched our new website. We hope that it is easy for all to navigate and contains all of the information you would be looking for about us. we always welcome your feedback so if you have any suggestions please send us an email to Our new brochure is not ready yet but it will be soon - until then please use our temporary online brochure. For prospective tenants with VHC there will be a new brochure with extensive detail of our services. Again we thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy what you see.

Macmillan coffee morning!

3rd September 2016

Congratulations for all of those who raised money for a noble cause - the world's biggest coffee morning. We had a great turnout and many Tenants and staff at VHC participated. Our Coffee Morning was hosted fantastically by one of our Tenants. It even managed to make the newspapers! Everyone at VHC is extremely proud of all of those we support who helped with hosting this fantastic event.

Citizen workshops

Vital Healthcare will be re-launching our citizenship workshops. These will be held in our new venue which will be unveiled very soon! until then, please feel free to contact us!